Void of Restraint is quite obviously a shrine to Miroku from the popular series Inuyasha. Sometime in 2002 we started watching Inuyasha at the local anime club that I go to. When Miroku was introduced in episode sixteen, I instantly had a new favourite character from the series. I loved him -- he was a holy man who wasn't quite that holy, much like Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun, who happens to be one of my all-time favourite characters. In any case, I had considered making a shrine to Miroku from time to time but I never really got around to it and my interest in Miroku, while still around, wasn't really strong enough for me to start making a shrine to him.

Recently, we watched an episode with Miroku in it that sparked my interest in him again. That, and I realised that I look exactly like him. o_O Yeah, I know, it's a weird reason to make a character shrine... but when you find out that you look exactly like a character and even kind of act like them... well, it makes you interested enough. If you're interested in seeing a picture to see if I really do look like Miroku, you can click here. I'm currently working on a costume so when it's completed and I get pictures taken, I might make a cosplay section on this site. ^^ As for now, you'll just have to rely on that picture, I guess. ^^;

Anyway, after my interest in Miroku being re-sparked, I decided to check around to see the other Miroku shrines, just to get a grasp of what I'd be "competing" against, so to speak. And boy, was I ever disappointed. Despite Miroku being such a popular character among fans, he has little to no recognition on the internet in terms of web sites. There were about four shrines to him and all but one, Furyou Houshi, were seriously lacking, to put it bluntly. I know that sounds pretty elitist of me (please don't take it that way! ^^;) but all these sites had were brief profiles and a small gallery. Nothing in-depth at all! I consider content to be the vital part of any site and I figured that Miroku needed more attention so I became more motivated to work on Void of Restraint.

About the name... Void of Restraint is a pun. The Void part refers to Miroku's kazana, which is a black hole or void. The name in whole, Void of Restraint, refers to the fact that Miroku has a serious lack of restriction when it comes to hitting on ladies. Amusing, isn't it? X3 I can't take credit for coming up with the name though. I was trying to think of a decent name that could be used and Zee suggested that I use Void of Restraint. As you can see, I'm quite taken with the idea of it. X3

If you're curious, I began working on the content for Void of Restraint on June 03, 2003 and the site finally opened on June ##, 2003. :3

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