There are a number of resources that I've used in making Void of Restraint. To be honest, I couldn't have made this site as good as it is without the help of these people. ^_^ Please check below for a list of credits and thank yous to people who have in-directly helped me out with the site!

Images: Anime Project Alliance Gallery,, Inuyasha Image Gallery*, Kaze no Kizu*, Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi.

Brushes: Grungy & Dirty Photoshop Brushes Bureau, VBrush.

Thanks also goes out to Zee and Felicia for helping me sort out my thoughts and ideas while making the site and thanks to Gwen and Trinity for motivating me and cheering me on. X3 Thanks also goes to Alex for taking the time to make a wallpaper for me!

* - Indicates that I've asked permission to use the images found on the site.

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