I've taken the liberty of making some images featuring Miroku for people to use for their forum accounts and on AOL Instant Messanger. You may use them for your own personal use, of course, but please do not re-distribute them on your own sites. I made them so that they would be unique for this site and this site alone. Thank you for your cooperation. ^^

AIM Buddy Icons

To use...
1. Click on the Buddy Icon of your choice.
2. Click "OK" on the confirmation window.
3. You're finished.

Forum Avatars

To use...
1. Save the avatar that you want to use onto your hard drive.
2. Upload the avatar to your own webspace.
3. At the forum you post at, go into your control panel and click "Avatar Settings." (The name may vary but it should be something close to this.)
4. Set the option to the one that lets you put in an URL to an off-site avatar.
5. Type in the location of the avatar that is now on your own webspace.
6. You're done!

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