About Inuyasha - For those of you new to the series and don't know what Inuyasha is all about, I've provided a little introduction to the series for you, including a bit about the story and info on the anime and manga alike.

Who is Miroku? - You should already know who Miroku is but for reference purposes, this section provides Miroku's vital statistics as well as an introduction to his character.

Miroku: In-Depth - An in-depth look at Miroku's personality; an attempt to look into the mind of Miroku and figure out why he does what he does.

Kazana - Otherwise known as the air rip, the kazana is Miroku's special ability. Find out how he got it, how it effects his life and what he plans to do about his rapidly growing curse.

Houshi-sama! - Miroku is a Buddhist monk, believe it or not. He might not act like one but does have the spiritual power bit down pat so I guess we can give him credit for that. Find out more about his abilities in this section!

Letchery - Anyone who's familiar with Miroku's character will recognize 'letchery' as being a trait that definately describes him very well. Information on the grand heritage that is letchery in Miroku's family as well as info on his.. er, habits.

Love Life - All about Miroku's love life... or, more specifically, about his relationship with Sango. The two definately have chemistry together so find out about their relationship in detail here! Coming soon! ^^;

Travel Companions - Miroku was the second person to join up with Inuyasha and Kagome on their journey to collect the shikon shards... find more about the people that Miroku travels with and then some!

What's In A Name? - Miroku's name isn't what some people actually think it means. Find out what Miroku's name means and how it applies to his character in this section!

Seiyuu - Find out about the people who make Miroku's character come alive in this section! Includes both Japanese and English voice actors.

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