This is a rather small collection of images featuring Miroku. It would be larger but there aren't many good pictures of Miroku by himself. Once I get my hands on the manga, I'll try to scan in some more pictures for a bit of variety. ^^ As for now, what you see is what you get.

All of the images featured in this gallery were taken from other sources, though I might have editted a number of them. For a list of sites where I've borrowed images from, please take a look at the credits section. Some of these images are used with express permission of the people who scanned them in so if you want to use them, please ask those who did the scanning, not me. You can find out which sites I had to ask permission from on the credits section. Please be courteous! ^^ If you happen to see something here that's unique to my gallery (ie: an editted image), a link back to Void of Restraint would be appriciated. Thanks!

Miroku: Alone

Miroku: With One Other

Miroku: In A Group

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