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Can I use your layout?
No, you cannot. I worked hard on the layout and it's not something that should be used elsewhere. It is for this site and this site alone. If I find that you have taken my layout, I won't hesitate to e-mail you and take action against such plagiarism. I have a pretty low tollerance for that sort of thing.

Can I use your images?
Images in the image gallery are free for use unless otherwise noted. I did not scan them so if I told you that you couldn't have them, that'd be pretty hypocritical of me. ^^; For those images which I have asked permission to use, please do not take them unless you ask the person who scanned them for permission. A list of people I've asked permission to use images from can be found on the credits section. Other images such as icons, avatars and wallpapers are exclusive to this site and I will get very angry if I find them on someone else's site unless I have given them special permission to use them.

You need more images!
What you see is what you get. I plan on taking more screenshots when I get the DVDs for the series and whenever I get the manga for the series, I'll be scanning pictures from that too. The image gallery isn't too shabby and it features all of the high quality pictures of Miroku that I could find.

Where did you find that one image?
Most of the images in my gallery were found on other sites, which should be listed on the gallery section or in the credits section. Some images were obtained so long ago that I may forgotten where they've come from. Please do not e-mail me and ask me where I found the images. I won't be replying to these sorts of e-mails because the answers are already found on the site.

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